Funky Chicken

Paint the “Funky Chicken” created by Stacy Abston in 2009.  This fun simply whimsy painting is great for any kitchen.  Choose your colors.

Diva in Pearls

Paint the “Diva in Pearls” created by Robin Borland 2009. This painting is part of our Diva Series.  We have hundreds of Diva images.   Choose your colors and personalize these images to match your home.

Big Eyes

Paint “Big Eyes” rescued by Robin Borland 2009.  This funky fun painting started off in one direction and changed its course by the time the painting was finished. This is just and example of Funky Fun with big eyes.

These are a few samples of some of the art work at Canvas by U!

If you see something you like please look at our venues to see if it is offered. If not please click the button to the right to contact us to schedule the painting at a venue near you.

Pink Dogwoods

Paint the “Pink Dogwoods” created by Robin Borland 2009. Inspired by the beautiful southern dogwoods.


Paint the “Landscape” created by Stacy Abston 2009.  This painting has evolved over the past 7 years.  Stacy teaches this entire landscape with paper towels.

American Flag

Paint the “American Flag” created by Stacy Abston 2009.  The American Flag painting developed from one of the many flags CBU offers.  Rachel Guests and former artist for Canvas by U! inspired Stacy’s love for painting flags.